This site will be updated to include recent news and developments related to Live Oak Resort. Those who disagree with this site's goals so vehemently shouldn't visit it repeatedly. If you choose to do so, you shouldn't complain about the facts presented. If you fear that what is presented here is biased, just click on the links to official State of Texas websites to read the truth.
A site so malicious and dangerous that it has been viewed 46,760 times, without harming anyone's computer and not a single request for anything. We know that Live Oak Resort was hoping this site would go away, but Wingnut will just have to continue to be disapponted. It's not going anywhere.
Position Statement
Our singular purpose has been to effect changes in the infrastructure and management of Live Oak Resort.
Updated 10/20/20: Refresh your browser to see the latest updates. Covid-19 worries persist at LOR. When management acknowledges there is a possible problem, you KNOW it's serious. We hope everyone exercises caution and stays safe. No amount of fun is worth contracting an illness that can kill you.
Updated 06/18/19: We're really, REALLY, tired of hearing that everything bad at LOR is because of lawsuits we filed. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we were responsible for Larry having to spend several hundred thousand dollars. That said, we have NEVER filed a lawsuit against LOR, as tempting as it was. In hindsight, we probably should have.
This rumor is nothing more than management's lame attempt to blame someone else for what was entirely of their own doing. It is what Larry and company have ALWAYS done when things go badly due to mismanagement, misappropriation, and malfeasance.  Stupid business choices and policies are a hallmark of LOR, and always have been. The owner's own mother once said that her son had been a failure at everything he did. Who would know better? She bailed him out of most of his 'problems', either knowingly or unknowingly, through his deception.
The supposed 'lawsuits' were actions by the State of Texas for violations of utility laws, water regulations, and sanitary waste requirements. LOR has been found to be in violation, repeatedly, of water system regulations and sewage facilities. Those conditions CONTINUE TO THIS DAY. In spite of Larry signing multiple Agreed Orders with the State of Texas to resolve these issues over the years, he has NEVER done what he agreed to and was legally bound to do.
Still, nothing happens, because the State of Texas has no cajones whatsoever. ZERO! Larry pays his fines on a monthly payment plan (he is too broke to pay them in full, or to make the ordered improvements, according to him).
All of this is like the Bill Murray movie 'Groundhog Day'. Eventually, someone will file new complaints, and the State will waste more taxpayer money investigating and penalizing LOR. There will be new orders from the State, which Larry will agree to, and more fines, which Larry will get deferred to an installment plan, but nothing will change.
He won't be declared a repeat offender, nor will the State enforce the Agreed Order provisions regarding default.
Given that, Larry considers the fines to be no more than a hall pass to continue doing nothing about the problems, and the State allows him to get away with it. He more than doubles rent and fees to cover the fines for sewage discharges and a deficient water system while refusing to do a damn thing about either. WASH, RINSE, REPEAT.
Meanwhile, those remaining at LOR say nothing, and new people don't know what really goes on, or the truly astounding history of LOR. All continue to be exposed to conditions that are below minimal State standards, and very possibly pose a serious health threat. If you don't believe it, do your own research and find the truth for yourselves.
Or just continue to hide your heads in the sand. Management gets wood over that.

It's amazing is that we still hear reports of people who did NOT receive their PUC mandated refunds. We cannot fathom why anyone would allow that to happen without raising holy hell. Larry loves it when you cower in fear of him.
For the record, the five PUC complainants were offered a substantial settlement well before the matter went before a SOAH judge, if they threw the rest of you under the bus and walked away with the cash. Each complainant would have each received many times what they were actually due, but rejected the offer. WHY?
Instead of taking the money, we spent nearly $100,000 to bring the matter to a successful conclusion before the SOAH in Austin. We did so to help others, not ourselves.
Think about that when you're told we're only sore losers, trying to recover our losses. We're not getting a dime more than the rest of you will get. Think about that when you accept everything that LOR dishes out to you, without even a whimper, except to lament the injustices among close friends in private.

Finally, consider how the five compainants now feel about their
decision to reject the money offered after receiving no support at all from those that were considered friends, neighbors, and fellow victims; those who would benefit (or already have), from that decision. Perhaps we should have taken the cash, leaving everyone else high and dry? Much like we feel we've been left?
We submitted a final motion for the PUC commissioners review. Basically, we just reiterated that Larry has never done anything he was ordered to do, or that he agreed to do. In fact, he almost always does what he is told he cannot do, such as credits instead of refunds. We wanted to see if the PUC staff had the gumption to see it though. In brief, they obviously did not.
Updated 12/11/15: Our filing with the PUC commissioners has been posted on the PUC interchange. It can be read there, or by clicking on the link here. Tenants Letter to Commissioners re: docket 44716 The PUC staff responded by having a tantrum.
Updated 07/21/15: Have you finally had enough of the raw sewage at LOR just because management won't do anything about it? Are you tired enough that you actually want to complain? Are you still afraid of Larry? Well, you can now file a complaint with the TCEQ without Larry ever knowing you did.

The TCEQ will now accept complaints about Live Oak Resort without requiring your identity. So, what excuse is there now for not speaking up, or do you just like the stench of raw sewage and the health hazard? Here's the link to file your complaint: http://www2.tceq.texas.gov/oce/complaints/index.cfm

Updated 01/09/16: The PUC gave Larry until January 2, 2016 to fully comply with their order. LOR has filed their accounting of refunds, with absolutely no substantiation provided. While the PUC has blindly accepted the LOR version at face value, we do not. We have researched the payments. What we can tell you is that LOR's numbers are NOT correct.

People due refunds deserve an explanation. Since it won't come from anywhere else, here it is:
Even though the SOAH judge ruled completely against LOR, and the PUC Commissioners signed her ruling into an official agency order, the PUC legal staff has largely ignored the ruling and subsequent order.
In particular, staff did nothing when LOR failed to fully refund all illegal surcharges and rate over charges by the required Febuary 23, 2015 date. Staff did nothing when LOR failed to file reconcilliation and proof of payments to everyone due a refund, while the Commissions order specifically required this to be done. Staff took no action when LOR issued bill credits rather than refunds, even though this was absolutely prohibited by the order.
The (mick) LONG and short of it all: The PUC legal staff did nothing the order asked, because enforcement was at their discretion. Staff suggests that anyone who does not receive their refund, or feels that they were underpaid, needs to file a complaint with the PUC. Rather than put an end to this whole mess, as ordered, they would rather deal with a potential of 108 new complaints. That's classic bureaucratic efficiency.

Every time regulators allow LOR to bargain for more time by misrepresenting it's finances, they do nothing more than empower continued bad behavior. They are dealing with a pathological personality, and apparently still haven't figured that out. By not enforcing resolution (orders), the same problems only end up being revisited again and again, ala the TCEQ water and sewer issues. These same violations have been cited for many years and, in spite of numerous Agreed Orders with LOR, continue unabated today.
How exactly is this in the best interest of the public?
Regulatory system enforcement is suffering a complete disconnect from logic. When will someone finally understand the game LOR plays? Agreed Orders are signed, then ignored, until the next complaint brings the epiphany that Larry gamed the system yet again. It's always the same; Wash, rinse, and repeat!
Again, if management's lips are moving, they're almost certainly lying. The problem with constant lying is that it is really quite difficult to do well, because you have to remember so much.
Click here for all the information about the PUC case.
Updated 07/01/15: On May 11, 2015, LoLOG formally filed a statement with the TCEQ, as part of their open comments policy pertaining to the Live Oak Resort sewer and water agreed orders. That statement is now part of the TCEQ filings in the LOR case. You can read the document here, or you can find it on the TCEQ Commissioner's Interchange.
LOR management has postulated that the increased rates are intended to get rid of the "riff-raff" at LOR. Take that how you will, but this suggests that anyone questioning the increases, or expressing concerns about them, MUST be the forementioned riff-raff. Webster's definition of riff-raff is: "people who are not respectable, people who have very low social status". Riff-raff is also synonymous with chaff, deadwood, debris, dreck, dross, dust, effluvium (the stuff LOR discharges into the creek), junk, litter, offal, offscouring, raffle, refuse, garbage, rubbish, scrap, spilth, trash, truck, and waste.

It's always good to know how highly a business regards it's customers.

If there was ever any doubt, these increases provide empirical evidence of just how completely distanced from reality the management of LOR has become.

For those who haven't seen them, the increase letters can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Permanent RV Section

Mobile Homes Section
LOR management says that they have been told that LOR is underpriced when compared to Paradise Lakes near Tampa, Florida, as well as other facilities.

Paradise Lakes' day rate/facility fee is $48.00 per couple. Their annual membership for couples is $1099. LOR's
day rate/facility fee is $52.00 per person. In fact, the Caliente day rate is only $100.00 per couple. The LOR annual membership for couples is $1072 for lot holders, $1340 for non-lot holders. LOR's day rate is more than Paradise Lakes AND Caliente Resort. A comparison of the LOR and Paradise Lakes and their amenities can be viewed by clicking on the link below. We won't even bother with a comparison between LOR and Caliente, as it would be a farse.

Click here for a line by line comparison of the two facilities and their amenities.

Most lot holders consider LOR to be a recreational, and thus discretionary, expense. For many, the value to cost ratio has gone upside down due to factors over which they have no control, and they no longer find their investment worthwhile. While some lot holders say that they liked LOR, many are saying they don't like management's policies and arrogance.

Management considers those who complain or express concerns to be troublemakers, in spite of making the statement that management has absolutely no concern about lot holders, nor concern should any choose to leave. Management's self-proclaimed priority is the person entering LOR for the first time, as this is the potential future purchaser of membership and facility fees.

Since management has postulated that dissent will only produce negative consequences,
some have raised the question of what 'punishment' could be meted out. Raise the rent even more? Leases? Just demand new ones.
Legitimate lessee complaints might include, but are not limited to, violations of law and breach of contract. Health hazards fall into the former. Failure to adhere to terms specified in a lease fall into the latter. Breaches are usually civil matters. Violations of law are not.

It can be left to each individual to determine what they feel constitutes a health hazard. Raw effluent might be high atop the list, as might water system deficiencies.
Breaches might include failure to honor terms of leases during the effective lease term, failure to provide yard and road maintenance, failure to adhere to lease terms, and perhaps even failure to fulfill promises made verbally to tenants. 
A properly executed lease is a legally binding contractual instrument, the purpose of which is to protect the signatories. This means all signatories. A lessor is insured the stated income for the specified property and services for the lease term. A lessee is insured the stated cost for the specified property and services for the lease term. It's absolutely that simple.
LOR routinely breached it's leases for years and years.

LOR's lease states that leases renew automatically, without change, unless otherwise stipulated in the original lease, or subsequently agreed upon by all signatories.

A lease forbids arbitrary changes, at the discretion of any signatory, during the term of the lease, unless agreed upon by all signatories.
Why should a lessee accept a statement from management that they will not honor lease terms when the original document was executed six months previously? In reality, leases are intended to prevent this very circumstance.

A lessor might feel that a lease should be subject to his interpretation only, exclusively for his benefit. If a lessor ignores the terms and conditions incumbent upon him in the lease, yet endeavors to hold the lessee to those terms favorable solely to the lessor, the lease is a sham, and is unenforceable.

In legal terms, the lessor arbitrarily increasing the cost associated with a lease during its term is no different than the lessee arbitrarily reducing the cost. Would LOR allow a lessee to arbitrarily reduce the lease amount? Why then should a lessee allow a LOR to increase charges during the lease term? Please, seek legal advice on contract law, as others already have.

Updated 09/16/15: A number of TCEQ water deadlines have passed. The deadline was many months ago for LOR to have installed above ground storage tanks and emergency water pumps.  Perhaps the changes were invisible.....? Nope, the TCEQ couldn't find them either. Now, many, many months past the date he agreed to when he signed the order, Larry has had an epiphany and has become 'motivated'. The motivation has everything to do with what the TCEQ inspectors told Larry was going to happen during their most recent exit interview. Right Larry? You're an incredibly slow learner, by any standard, but do you understand that LoLOG is not going away yet?

Read the TCEQ final water filing here, dated 10/16/14.

The LONG awaited TCEQ action on sewage violations by Live Oak Resort has been filed. The TCEQ issued a fine of $63,000.00 for just the two counts of documented unlawful discharge of raw sewage. Additional actions and fines are forthcoming. The TCEQ has mandated significant changes/improvements in the sewage facilities at LOR. You can read the filing by clicking on the link below.

TCEQ 06/05/14 sewer Filing against LOR

Now that the TCEQ has filed penalty recommendations for the water system violations and two counts of discharge of raw sewage, it needs to be pointed out that this is NOT all there is. The TCEQ still has a number of other violations against LOR that are winding their way through the process. The remainder of the violations documented by TCEQ inspectors will result in further actions against LOR. 

Updated 12/08/15: The TCEQ inspectors were at LOR on July 8, 2014, and again on January 15, 2015. They revisited LOR on August 3, 2015 and August 31, 2015. It's more and more bad news for LOR. Additional sources of raw sewage discharge were documented.

Updated 08/20/15: After gaming the SOAH process until the last minute, Larry signed an agreed order on the sewer system violations. He agreed to pay $45,000 in fines and to cease ALL sewage discharge before the order was finalized by the Commission. It was finalized, officially, on June 3, 2015. Failure to comply with the requirements of the TCEQ Agreed Order means that this could, and most likely will, be referred to the Texas Attorney General. We're betting on the Attorney General, and unless Larry had some magic trick to stop sewage discharges without doing anything, we have a winner. For the record, Larry had no such MAGIC. The agreed order notice has now been posted on the Texas Register. You can read the TCEQ order HERE.

Updated 05/29/18: OPINION: The following is personal opinion.

The search for someone else to blame is always successful. Larry is a master at blaming anyone but himself, when the reality is that his 'Five Year Plan to Ruin' is absolutely going to succeed.

We keep hearing that we're to blame for all the rate increases and crappy infrastructure at LOR. The fly in that ointment is that Larry himself proclaimed that he was going to "shove it to the lot holders and members" because he "had them exactly where he wanted them". He made that statement in 2011, more than a year BEFORE any action by Lolog.

Further, management claims that the increases were due to legal fees brought on by our lawsuits against LOR. That's pure horsecrap. We never sued LOR. Several State of Texas agencies took Larry to task for his many infractions of state regulations. He paid a single lawyer a relatively small amount of money in ONE of those proceedings. Less than 20% of what LoLog spent.

It's mind numbing that people are gullible enough to actually accept this BS. At very best, this is an attempt to misdirect the blame to someone else, when the blame is now, and always has been, LARRY's greed and malfeasance.

Here's a fact that can be taken to the bank. The Five Year Plan increases have netted LOR between three and four times the total expense of the State actions against LOR. Legal fees, minimal repairs, and surcharge refunds included.

Blaming ANYONE but Larry also fails to acknowledge that LOR was illegally charging electrical fees, and refused to admit that they knew it was illegal to do so. It overlooks the fact that the LOR water was so bad that most people found it unsafe to drink, and often too dirty to even bathe in. It completely ignores the fact that sewage was being discharged, knowingly, into the creeks and on the grounds, and that the stench is often overwhelming. Both are serious health issues. It also completely ignores the fact that Larry was extorting 10% from construction contractors doing work for lot holders at LOR.

In summary, it doesn't really matter what fiction others might believe, because we know the truth, and so do Larry, Jennifer, and Tiffany.

Back in 2013, when he hatched his magnificient Five Year Plan, Larry said that with the new rates, if 50% of the lot holders leave, and day attendance drops by 50%, LOR's income would remain stable. Wash, rinse, repeat for the next five years. "It won't hurt me if half of you leave", according to management.

It was an optimistic plan, but was seriously flawed. It's an established fact that the owner can and will spend every penny that comes in on whatever his latest whim or fantasy is, with little or nothing to show for it afterwards. It's certainly not spent on LOR.

Larry Math failed to factor in the expense of the infrastructure improvements that have been mandated by the State, as well as fines and other related expenses. These are no small matter, so where will the funds come from? Furthermore, Larry failed to factor in 25+ vacant lots, producing zero income. All in all, its a perfect example of Larry's ignorance.

Broken promises, unpaid taxes, and just broke.

And now, management proclaims that it is "REINVENTING" itself.

Seriously? That's just STUNNINGLY STUPID, at very best. You've completely wrecked Live Oak Resort, and now you believe that telling the remaining customers that you're going to turn over a new leaf is going to help?

LoLog continues to hear from LOR members and lot holders, past and present. They offer some interesting observations and comments. Here are a few of those comments:

  • "The place is just a ghost town. There's nobody there, even when the weather is perfect."
  • "A few new people come out. ONCE. They all say the same thing, which is they won't be back because it's so expensive."
  • "Some visitors who mentioned the disparity between LOR's rate and those at other resorts were bluntly told to go there instead. They did just that."
  • "Not only is he destroying the wonderful potential that the LOR could be, he is doing so with the attitude of a 70s style skinhead."
  • "He is truly a sick and disgusting man."
  • "It's so bad that people are packing their gear and making surprise exits in the dead of night just to avoid confrontation with the unprofessional staff."
  • "The Village is a ghost town. Most who stay are doing so out of necessity, having nowhere else to go.
  • "All office staff feel that customer service is not necessary."
  • "It's depressing to drive around LOR. There's no one here."
  • "This is supposed to be a fun place. Now, people just sit on their patios instead of socializing. The whole premise of LOR has disappeared."
  • "We thought Live Oak could recover. Now we realize that it can't. Gangrene has set in; it can not be saved."
  • "Does the man have a brain."

Seven years ago, a group of Live Oak Resort lot holders decided that something had to be done about policies and conditions at the facility.

We spoke to the owner in late 2012, and were told that he would do nothing at all to address ANY of the issues. His exact words were that he "didn't give a damn about lot holders" and that he "would never spend that much money on the sewer system".
We filed complaints with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Public Utilities Commission in January of 2013.

The TCEQ complaints were about water quality concerns and known raw sewage discharges at LOR. The PUC complaint was about an illegal 'meter surcharge' that was imposed by LOR, as well as possible rate overcharges.

To say that regulatory agencies in Texas move slowly would be a gross understatement. The TCEQ found our sewage claims to be justified and founded on fact in February of 2013. The water system claims were found to be justified and factual in 2014.

The PUC forced us to take the electrical claims to the State Office of Administrative Hearings in Austin, at our expense. We did so, and prevailed against Live Oak Resort in the Fall of 2014. LOR was found to have been charging an illegal surcharge, as well as overcharging for electricity.

Live Oak Resort signed an Agreed Order with the TCEQ Water Division in Late 2014, in which LOR explicitly agreed to make repairs and upgrades to the water systems by Spring 2015. It's now 2020, but this has still not happened.

Live Oak Resort signed an Agreed Order with the TCEQ Wastewater Division in Early 2015, in which LOR explicitly agreed to make repairs and upgrades to the On Site Sewer System by Spring 2015. It's now 2020, yet this has still not happened.

The TCEQ has returned to Live Oak Resort repeatedly, and each inspection has found continued raw sewage discharges and a water system that does not meet minimum State requirements. Fines have been levied against LOR, but the system deficiencies responsible for the sewage discharges have gone unrepaired.

In November 2014, the PUC ordered Live Oak Resort to make restitution to ALL lot holders by February 23, 2015. After many dances, the PUC gave LOR until January 2, 2016 to make refunds and file accounting. According to the accounting filed by LOR, they did so. We believe otherwise, and our review of the LOR records appears to support that. Larry cheated lot holders, according to the SOAH judge, and he just continues to do so now.

Updated 01/01/20: 2019 is in the books, with things pretty much the same as they have been for the past eight years. It's interesting to reflect on all that's taken place since LoLOG began.

Only a few of those we knew remain at Live Oak Resort. Many of those who do remain wish they could get out. The sewer system continues to be in violation of State requirements, in complete disregard of the multiple agreed orders Larry signed with the TCEQ. The same is true of the LOR water system. There are dozens of vacant lots, in spite of a few former lot owners who have returned. Morale remains low, and attendance is abysmal. No matter how much cheap lipstick gets smeared on the pig, it doesn't cover up the fact that LOR is far past it's prime. It has all the character of a trailer park.

LoLOG has had 45,000+ visits since it started. No matter how much management at LOR tries to convince people that this site doesn't matter, it still seems that SOME are interested in hearing what LOR tries to hide from them.

Those who have left seem to be doing just fine without LOR. Meanwhile, Larry just keeps playing the same old tune, tired as it is, to a greatly diminished audience. One day, he'll be playing it only to himself, Jennifer, Tiffany, and a few minions. That's actually rather pathetic.

We find it revealing that little seems to sell at LOR for anywhere near it's value, yet as soon as a nice lot is abandoned, someone moves right in. Someone with a suspicious mind might think that perhaps this is completely by design. Why would anyone buy a lot from the owner when they are told that they can just wait and get it for free. Who would be telling potential buyers this? We'll leave that to you to ponder, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

The bottom line is that others are profiting from the losses of those who paid LOR for lots, then invested their money to improve them, only to be completely screwed unless they played LarryBall. It's despicable, and those who benefit from this practice are nothing more than bottom feeders. Enjoy that slimy status, and know that you'll get screwed in the long run too. It won't be the first time for some of the slower learners.

We find it baffling that some former LOR members are returning to the scene of the crime. Perhaps they feel that Larry just needs another bite of the apple? 

As in the past, Larry still clings to his self-perception of omnipotence, when perhaps a more accurate moniker would be impotence. One thing never changes; He never admits he is/was wrong. Here's hoping he got the lump of coal he truly deserved for Christmas.

It's also worthy of mention that Larry contines to drive, daily, even though his license to do so has been suspended. Some things never change.

Many former LOR members frequent other resorts. These facilities demonstrate what a real nudist resort is, and should be, and they do so for less than LOR charges. LOR is more expensive than Caliente, which is simply absurd.

Live Oak Resort promotes itself as a "Lifestyle friendly Nudist resort". In truth, Live Oak Resort is a "LIFESTYLE resort that tolerates nudists". There is a huge difference. Paradise Lakes and Caliente advertise that they too are "Lifestyle Friendly". Indeed, while they may be, any sexual activity in public will result in the perpetrators being removed, immediately. That's several orders of magnitude different from what takes place, routinely, at Live Oak Resort.


Extorting contractors and suppliers (those providing services or materials to LOR lot holders)  to kickback 10% of their invoices to management is further evidence of management's utter disrespect towards tenants. Contractors are told they will be barred from the property should they disclose this policy to their customers, and that they should just add the increased cost to their invoices. At a minimum, this speaks volumes of management's ethics, and should beget legal questions. Legal questions aside (for now), this extortion is beneath contempt, and imposes a 10% hidden cost upon those seeking only to improve their premises. This practice continues today.

Some people may choose to ignore the information presented here, though we cannot fathom why they would. Contrary opinion is the right of every American. Those of us electing to stand against these policies and abuses have the same right. Perhaps that's a difficult thing to accept for those with more passive views about such matters. You're right and we're wrong, regardless of the facts.
Updated 01/01/20: We appreciate the letters of support we continue to receive from former LOR members and lot holders, especially those who were part of the past two move-outs (2001 & 2014). It's good to know that some folks have not forgotten what happened at LOR in the past, and the way management handled business then. Exactly as it's handled now, by the way. So many other members, past and present, tell us that they too have had enough of LOR's deceit.

Rumor du Jour

When you hear rumors, it's prudent to consider the source, and motive. We will try to provide facts on this site. While it's possible for facts to lose an argument, the facts will still remain unchanged. Try to remember that when you hear the latest fabrications from LOR and the faithful followers.

Updated 10/20/20: Rumor: Larry is about due for another purge at LOR. FACT: Historically, Larry tries to run everyone off every eight to ten years. The ONLY thing that might keep it from happening soon is that LOR hasn't ever recovered from his last 'flush'. Maybe just an increase in prices for 2021?

Updated 10/20/20: Rumor: The LOR 2020 Bike Rally was HUGE. FACT: All that seems to have been huge is the exaggeration of the number of bikes attending the event. A usual, the number claimed by LOR was about double the actual count. LOR management is consistent, if nothing else.

Updated 10/20/20: Rumor: The LOR Halloween party is a sell out. FACT: There is certainly a sell out, but it's not a party.

Updated 09/17/20: Rumor: September was HUGE at LOR. FACT: Huge can be a very subjective term, especially when it's used by LOR management. September probably was huge, in terms of failure. And on it goes.

Updated 08/17/20: Rumor: Things are slow in LORland. FACT: As they should be, given the recent outbreak of Covid-19. No matter how LOR management tries to downplay the seriousness, everyone needs to think and act reponsibly. This is serious stuff.

Updated 07/15/20: Rumor: There has been a fatality at LOR. FACT: We're very sorry to hear that a LOR resident succumbed to injuries sustained in a recent golf cart accident. Our sincere condolences to the family.

Updated 07/07/20: Rumor: LOR Bullsh*t fails to provide Covid-19 protection. FACT: It sounds like the pandemic hits just keep coming. Those who elected not to attend the fabulous LOR fireworks display might want to count your blessings. We're hearing reports that the number of cases linked to LOR have doubled, and now involve six couples. Stay safe folks and, if you haven't figured it out already, that pretty much precludes LOR.

Updated 06/30/20: Rumor: It seems that Covid-19 finally found LOR. FACT:  We have it on good authority that there have been multiple cases of Covid-19 reported with LOR as the likely source. There is one couple from out of state, another from 40 miles away from LOR, and a third that is a resident of LOR. If you were planning to visit LOR for the 4th of July, or any other date in the near future, you definitely should reconsider. We would strongly caution against relying on LOR management to be truthful about this. They have a LONG history of covering up health risks and threats at LOR.

Updated 06/15/20: Rumor: Another month, another complete lack of anything good at LOR. FACT:  We're certain that LOR is doing all it can to prevent anyone from being exposed to Covid-19. Chuckle. What we're sure of is that they just want everyone to believe that they hold the best interests of their customers to be of any value at all. A rich history of KNOWN health issues that have been denied by management clearly demonstrates their level of concern. For example, a number of members suffered mysterious intestinal problems at LOR (ya think it was the wonderful water?), and bacterial problems at the pool and hot tub resulted in dozens of members and guests developing rashes and infections. LOR denied all responsibility. Yeah, you can trust LOR to do what's best. What's best for them, anyway.

Updated 06/15/20: Rumor: Golf cart rentals? FACT:  History at LOR has a habit of repeating itself. This was tried years ago, when there were a heck of a lot more people at LOR. It was a miserable failure. Surprise, surprise. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Updated 05/14/20: Rumor: There's just not much to discuss, rumor or fact. FACT:  We do have to ponder just what Larry is going to come up with to cover his ass with the financial losses the pandemic has brought. Rest assured, he's going to concoct a scheme that will pass the burden on to LOR members, because the government isn't going to bail him out. A business has to have employees to qualify. Larry has ALWAYS claimed that LOR has no employees, only volunteers. Just sayin'.

Updated 04/14/20: Rumor: We're hearing that Jennifer has struck again. FACT:  If the rumor is true, it seems Jennifer has told one of the longest term LOR residents to 'get out'. If so, it's absolute proof that no good deeds will go unpunished, because that person has done a ton to help make LOR at least LOOK like a nice place. We're not at all surprised to hear that no one is safe from Larry and Jennifer's vindictive whims. Who's next, David? Now THAT would be funny.

Updated 04/14/20: Rumor: Larry is trying to figure out how he can profit from Covid-19. FACT:  We guarantee that he is. SBA loans are a big part of the Covid-19 government assistance package. It will be interesting to see how Larry tries to finangle a way to screw taxpayers into subsidizing his absolutely God-awful business practices. The only possible salvation for taxpayers is that the SBA backed loans are provided through local banks. We hope that local banks are well aware that Larry is in the 'worse than' bad risk category.

Updated 03/05/20: Rumor: Spring hath sprung at LOR. FACT:  Yes indeed, you can always tell, because Larry and Jennifer return from Florida. One can only ponder what another 'season' at LOR will bring. Perhaps more suckers for Larry to reap. As surely as the sun will shine, the sewer odors will return. Likewise, the water problems will still be present, and denied by management. One thing is for sure, and that is that crowds still will be few and far between.

Updated 02/01/20: Rumor: It's Speedweeks in Florida. FACT:  Hopefully, Larry and Jennifer are at the races in the Sunshine state and NOT at LOR. Things are always better when they're absent. We'll hope they stop in for a visit while they're on the way. Probably not, however.

Updated 01/01/20: Rumor: There was no rate increase for 2020. FACT:  For those of you who are strapped by the excessive rates at LOR, you should know that 'DEALS' continue to be offered to the chosen few. We're talking monthly rates that are hundreds of dollars less than 'normal' members pay. Just look to see who management's 'PALS' are and you'll know who the beneficiaries are.

Updated 01/01/20: Rumor: 2019 was the best year ever at LOR. 2020 will be even better. FACT:  LOR remains largely a ghost town, a mere shadow of what it once was, and could be today. It's like a really crappy version of the Walking Dead. Don't expect anything to get better in 2020, in spite of what management might try to sell. The LOR KoolAid is still tainted.

Updated 12/16/19: Rumor: The Christmas Spirit is everywhere at LOR. FACT:  LOR Management's Christmas Spirit is tarnished and insincere, but that aside, we hope everyone enjoys a very Merry Christmas. If you're undecided, it's quite appropriate to give Larry a lump of coal.

Updated 12/16/19: Rumor: We're sure that the LOR Christmas party was, again, "the best ever" according to management. FACT:  anyone who was at LOR in the past knows better. The gift exchange alone used to take three hours.

Updated 11/27/19: Rumor: It's a time to be thankful. FACT: We doubt that Larry is bright enough to be thankful that he's survived another year. Wonder of wonders, he somehow has. P.T. Barnum was far more wise than he is given credit for being. Larry manages to go year after year using P.T. Barnum's Sucker principle, and they seem to keep coming.

Updated 10/27/19: Rumor: It's Trick or Treat season at LOR. We hear Larry and Jennifer dressed as someone who gives a damn about the members. FACT: That would be quite a trick, given their track record. Then again, it's never stopped them from trying to fool everyone in the past.

Updated 10/27/19: Rumor: The real estate/lot deals are really hot at LOR. FACT: The market is absolutely "on fire" isn't it? You have to wonder when the last time was that someone didn't lose their asses selling their property at LOR. Of course, you would have to exclude Larry from that, as he sells the lots that owners finally abandoned out of frustration. Since he doesn't have a dime invested, he actually makes a killing. A killing off his members, that is. Larry created the real estate crisis at LOR, and ONLY he has profited from it.

Updated 09/26/19: Rumor: Larry still can't control his right foot. FACT: We keep hearing that Wingnut has managed to rack up another gaggle of speeding tickets, resulting in the great State of Texas suspending his drivers license once again. Everyone knows that Wingnut doesn't believe that the laws apply to him, so he's going to keep right on driving, just like he did the last time. Unlike back then, people are going to be watching for him to get behind the wheel, and will damn well make the State Troopers aware. Pucker up, Buttercup.

Updated 09/26/19: Rumor: Labor Day was HUGE. FACT: Compared to what? If ten people showed up last year, fifteen this year might be considered huge, especially by those wanting to put their shade of lipstick on a pig. In fact, it was so tremendous, Wingnut actually told people that EVERY weekend at LOR was as good. WOW! The fact remains that LOR is a shadow of what it once was, and Larry is still a compulsive liar. He simply cannot help himself.

Updated 09/12/19: Rumor: Oh boy, it's the LOR Bike Rally. FACT: Yeah, it is. Again. Years ago, the bike rally was a big deal. Vendors lined the road from the bridge all the way to the pool. There were five or six hundred riders in attendance, a veritable tent city, and nowhere else to park an rv. It was FUN. As with just about everything LOR, a good beginning does not preclude a bad ending. If you observe this year's rally, ask yourself if it remotely resembles anything similar. If not, ask WHY? SPOILER ALERT: It's Larry. For years now, Larry has managed LOR just like a drunk: rambling incoherently, staggering, jerking, and often falling down. Most bikers know bullshit when they see it.

Updated 08/12/19: Rumor: Summer is winding down at LOR. FACT: This time of year is always the last hurrah for Larry. the income will start falling off even more as school starts and LOR has to compete with things like football. The annual LOR Motorcycle Event is coming, but it will be the same abject failure it's been for the past eight years. Halloween, maybe?

Updated 07/12/19: Rumor: Another big July 4th at LOR is over. FACT: This is the one LOR event that is always a success. Why? Probably because it's the ONLY thing anyone ever gets for free at Live Oak Resort. Another possibility is that some people are still hoping Larry might do himself in while playing with all the explosives. Once again, he failed to do that.

Updated 06/12/19: Rumor: It's 'toe tappin' fun times at LOR. FACT: It certainly is, just like the reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show on a local Houston tv station every Saturday night. Slow death by boredom might be a better description. The price of being a sheep is boredom.

Updated 05/11/19: Rumor: Wonderful things are coming at LOR. Just check the newsletter. FACT: Uh huh. Lots of news there, if you don't look too hard. Don't look very hard for the 'crowds' either. They're still missing. But it's really fun, according to the office.

Updated 04/11/19: Rumor: Spring is here, and the crowds are back. FACT: Okey dokey. The 'crowds' are apparently quite technologically advanced. They must all be associated with DARPA or another three letter agency, as they seem to be using some kind of cloaking devices. In other words, they're invisible. Hmmm, this begs the simple question of why they would need to come to LOR to get naked if they can't be seen anyway. Golly, they could just do that anywhere. Perhaps they just want to donate money to Larry. Or perhaps they're just a figment of the fertile imaginations of LOR management.

Updated 04/11/19: Rumor: Spring is in the air at LOR. FACT: Yes, the flowers are blooming, and bluebonnets abound in the area. Spring brings so many wonderful scents. Hold on, what is that stench? Yes, eau de Live Oak will soon permeate the air, and overwhelm the nostrils. Just wait for it.

Updated 03/11/19: Rumor: We hear LOR is due for a Papal visit from His Holiness. FACT: Yes, His Larryness is returned from Florida. All faithful servants should ready your knees.

Updated 02/11/19: Rumor: A little birdie says that tenants on the 'hill' are complaining about poor water pressure. FACT: Deja vu? Water problems at LOR have never been fixed. The water system has limped along because there were so few people at LOR, and thus water demand was very low. Given time, even the reduced demand was going to exceed the capabilities of the system. When nothing ever gets fixed, any reprieve is going to be temporary. So it is at LOR, for years and years, and YEARS.

Updated 02/11/19: Rumor: Larry is at Daytona, again. FACT: Nero has ALWAYS fiddled, no matter how bad the flames might be. He didn't even come back when all of the maintenance facilities burned to the ground ten years ago. Perhaps, even then, he realized that a complete lack of maintenance made the facilities redundant. Some things never change.

Updated 02/07/19: Rumor: LOR is still doing better than ever. FACT: The weather has been unusually good recently, but there still are few people at LOR. Many describe it as a 'Ghost Town'. Does anyone wonder why that is?

Updated 02/07/19: Rumor: The LOR New Year's event was the best ever . FACT: Of course it was, if you want to believe management. Anyone who has been around for more than a year or two knows just how full of crap that claim, and management, really is.

Updated 12/30/18: Rumor: It appears that at least part of the property line dispute against Larry has been resolved. FACT: Once again, Larry is the loser. The court ordered Larry to pay the adjoining property owner damages due to property line infringement at the top of the hill. In a perfect example of 'truth is better than fiction', Larry told the court that he didn't have the money to pay Bob. Ida Lou had it right; He has absolutely no conscience. This lie only adds to his previous ones when he told people that LOR is doing 'better than ever'. So which is it, you pathological LIAR? Are you having difficulty keeping all of your lies straight? The problem with so many lies is that it's nearly impossible to keep them all straight, even for an accomplished liar. While Larry is certainly a prolific liar, he's not an accomplished one. He is positive proof that practice does not necessarily make perfect.

Updated 12/30/18: Rumor: Another fantastic year at LOR is about to end. FACT: Like diarrhea, it's generally a relief when it's over. So little happened at LOR in 2018 that it's nearly impossible to imagine 2019 being worse. However, giving Larry credit where it's due.... It can, and probably will be. At least he proved to those few remaining members that he still has the Christmas spirit. Nothing like yet another rent increase to add Christmas cheer. Open all 'gifts' from Larry with care.

Updated 11/05/18: Rumor: The Halloween Party was a HUGE success. FACT: By present standards, it probably was. The club was about half full, which should be an embarrassment compared to the parties just a few short years ago, when it was standing room only.

Updated 11/05/18: Rumor: Larry says that LOR is really, REALLY, busy. FACT: You have to wonder if Larry actually believes his own lies. The sad reality is that it appears he does. There were four RVs at LOR the weekend before the Halloween Party, and two RVs the weekend after. That's busy? He just can't help himself. Larry would rather climb the tallest tree, and crawl out on the skinniest branch to tell a lie, than stand flat-footed on level ground to tell the truth. That Larry is a pathological liar is only one of his more obvious character flaws, pathetic as it might be. There are many others.

Updated 10/04/18: Rumor: Another LOR Bike Rally; Another fantastic success. FACT: Yeah, sure thing. A handful of bikes would be less than a success by any standard, other than at LOR. It's almost surprising that even a handful showed up, given the 2017 Bike Rally fiasco. Once again, Larry has managed to take something that saw hundreds of rally- goers in years past into a pathetic number of attendees that would be an embarrassment to ANY other business. Apparently not for LOR. Cluebat: Like LOR, it's DONE. Put a fork in it.

Updated 10/04/18: Rumor: Business is picking up at LOR. FACT: Good God, LOR makes most cemeteries look like they're bustling with action. That there's more life in places for the dead should make folks wonder what in the heck is going on. Keep raising the prices of the cemetery plots Larry.

Updated 08/22/18: Rumor: LOR is so quiet it's the same as dead. FACT: A drive past LOR today was just mind boggling. Not particularly because of what was seen, but what wasn't. Even the fence can't hide the fact that there are many vacant lots lining the fence. In fifteen minutes, not a single vehicle entered or exited the property. We also noticed the signs just past Live Oak, pointing to a new 'B&B'. Now that's interesting. Good on you Spike and Cowboy.

Updated 08/19/18: Rumor: We're hearing of new rate increases at LOR. FACT: While His Larryness issued a moratorium on rate increases almost two years ago, it sounds like that's over. We're told that new leases in the village are at $750.00 per month, and that would suggest that existing leases will see the higher rate when they are renewed. Hey, Larry needs the money more than you do, so tough luck. No word on new rates for those on the hill, memberships, day rates, and other fees, but you can bet they'll go up as well.

Updated 08/19/18: Rumor: Some of the former residents of LOR (the riff-raff) had a party a couple of weeks ago. FACT: It was nice to see a lot of the old group that once made LOR the fun place it used to be. Contrary to what LOR management would hope, everyone seemed to be doing just fine without suffering the 'new' LOR. In fact, we never heard anyone say that they missed the place at all, just their friends, who are gone.

Updated 08/19/18: Rumor: LOR is trying to survive on the special events. FACT: While each special event seems to bring in new suckers, for the most part, they seem to be one time visitors. Perhaps they realize, rather quickly, that LOR does not provide any bang for the buck at the current rates. Moreso with any new rate increases. Larry reminds us of the apple orchard owner who, when faced with declining demand for his overpriced apples, began cutting down his trees to sell them for firewood. Later, when apple demand returned, there were no trees left to grow apples. Just another bad business decision, like Larry's.

Updated 08/19/18: Rumor: The long lost LOR southwest property line marker has finally been located. FACT: It appears that the mobile home on lot 113 was placed directly ON TOP of that boundary marker, which would seem to indicate that there is about 25 feet of encroachment. It's been rumored for years that Larry was very aware of this. It's also reported that Larry recently attempted to buy the property he encroaches for a miserly sum. His offer was rejected. UPDATE: Things appear to be heating up in the dispute. We sincerely hope that Larry will be held accountable. There's also the question of the required easement (300 feet in all directions) for the water well near the cabins. That could get pretty tough for LOR.

By they way, we wonder if the TCEQ ever enforced their demand (Larry signed an agreed order to comply) that LOR provide the required drilling reports and permits for that well? What permits? Larry don't need no stinkin' permits, right?

Incidentally, the disputed property inludes the area where Larry was fined (by the State of Texas) for knowingly dumping hazardous waste back in the 90's. He was ordered to clean up his mess by the same agency (TCEQ) that has ordered him, repeatedly, to clean up the sewer problems at LOR, but fails to enforce their own orders.

Updated 08/19/18: Rumor: Larry has tried to force lot owners to leave their improvements if they leave. FACT: We have heard multiple reports of Larry telling lot holders that they could NOT remove their improvements if they were abandoning the lot. This is ABSOLUTELY FALSE, and Larry knows that. You pay taxes on your improvements, and that makes them YOURS. Do NOT let Larry further profit from your losses by leaving improvements that YOU paid for.

Updated 07/18/18: Rumor: Another month has passed and LOR is simply booming. FACT: Only July 4th showed any significant signs of life at LOR. As has always been the case, people will show up for the ONLY thing they will ever get from LOR for free. Even trying to hide the huge number of empty lots by putting weekenders in them doesn't seem to be fooling anyone. You have to wonder how many new suckers will come through the gates. We're sure Larry wonders too, because it's a life or death question for him.

Updated 06/11/18: Rumor: Another great Survivor Weekend took place at LOR this past weekend. FACT: If twenty-five participants is 'great', so it was. Long gone are the Survivor events where people were turned away because 125 participants was the maximum. LOR is reinvented, indeed. The real question is "into what"?

Updated 05/29/18: Rumor: We're the bad guys, responsible for ALL that ails LOR, including the rate increases and failed business model. FACT: Larry (B.A.R.T) and company have certainly done their best to sell that warm pee as Koolaid. Read the Opinion section above to see just some of what's so wrong with that attempt to make us the strawmen. Oh, in case you didn't know, B.A.R.T is an acronym for Blame Avoidance & Redirection Techniques. It's an LOR speciality.

Updated 05/29/18: Rumor: Most of the other 'resorts' in the area are sold out for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, with waiting lists for accommodations. FACT: PPR, Orchid Trails, and others are reporting that they are fully booked. Live Oak somehow managed to attract a reasonable crowd. Reports are that it was the biggest crowd seen at LOR in several years.

Updated 05/17/18: Rumor: We've wondered when Larry would decide that the adjoining properties were a threat to his revenue stream, taking money out of his pocket. FACT: Larry rarely disappoints in this regard, and now he's blocked off access from either the Trails or Bob's property to the West. That must mean that the former LOR 'nature walk' self promotion is no longer a 'feature'. The only access to and from LOR is now the front gate. Newsflash: Larry and Jennifer consider EVERYONE to be their enemy, when in reality they are their own worst enemies. That's a hell of an outlook, and truly a miserable way to live.

Updated 05/14/18: Rumor: It never fails to amaze that Larry is still able to find new suckers, even with all the negative history at LOR. FACT: The latest news is that someone is actually going to move a mobile home onto the 'hill'. It sounds like they are going to be on the lot at the top of the hill, on the south side. It's just stunning that anyone would so foolishly throw their money away by doing this. Just looking at all the empty lots and homes for sale, combined with the lack of attendance, should scare away even the most naive. Apparently not.

Updated 04/28/18: Rumor: Some of the more recent LOR property victims appear to be growing restless. FACT: There seems to be a new batch of lots for sale. The word is that there really isn't any reason to want to stay at LOR, given the complete lack of crowds. It looks like the five year plan has all worked out. NOT!

Updated 03/26/18: Rumor: Wow, some new pool loungers. FACT: There were fund raisers more than ten years ago to buy new lounge chairs. The money was turned over to Larry, but there were never any new chairs. In fact, the last time there were any new chairs at LOR it was due to the generosity of a member, who gave a number of them to Larry. A lot of good that did.

Updated 03/26/18: Rumor: Still no money to pay taxes. FACT: That looks like the case, but there was apparently enough to take the annual pilgrimage to Florida. The disappointment was palpable when Larry and his accomplice didn't stop by to visit.

Updated 02/20/18: Rumor: Larry hasn't paid the property taxes that were due last fall. FACT: Seems so, according to Washington County records. With penalties and interest, it's $30,000.00 and climbing.

Updated 01/05/18: Rumor: Yet another resort is opening soon. FACT: This appears to be true, as Trinity River Ranch is located near Goodrich, Texas. They state that they will offer "more fun, fewer rules". It sounds like it will be both lifestyle and nudist, and will feature beach frontage on the Trinity river. Competition is good, except for Live Oak Resort. It raises the question of just how much more LOR can stand. Karma is truly a bitch, Larry. Enjoy the come-around you so richly deserve.

Updated 12/30/17: Rumor: Another year comes to an end, and LOR is alive and well. FACT: "Alive and well" is subjective. LOR has somehow managed to survive, despite being a mere shadow of what it once was. Exactly how that was accomplished is a matter for speculation, but someone helped. We'll leave it at that.

The New Year's party illustrates just how badly things have declined at LOR. Only a few years ago, people used to start lining up outside the doors at 6:00pm, waiting for them to be unlocked at 8:00pm. They did so because they wanted a seat for the event, rather than stand all evening. Finding a seat is no longer a problem, for this or any other event at LOR. For all those who think that everything is great, this should clearly show you otherwise. Just as the Halloween party was attended by a fraction of the number of people in years past, New Year's is the same. Larry has managed to absolutely GUT Live Oak Resort. Congratulations, numbnuts.

Updated 11/29/17: Rumor: NOTHING ever worries Larry. FACT: Sure, Larry and Alfred E. Neuman. (Remember Mad Magazine) Wonder if there might be a just little twinge of concern when he sees the news reports about all of the predatory sociopaths who have been exposed lately? It seems that all sorts of victims are finding the voices these days. Something to think about.

Updated 11/20/17: Rumor: It's all wonderful at LOR. FACT: Yup, if you call the walking dead wonderful, LOR is that. JUst a few short years ago, a Halloween party at LOR found the club so crowded that it was nearly impossible to even find a place to stand, much less to sit down. These days, seating is not a problem, yet some people still espouse the better than ever myth. Now that winter is here, things will get really slow. Not only is LOR a ghost town, it'll be a cold one. Enjoy the fruits of Larry's labor everyone.

Updated 10/14/17: Rumor: WOW, what a motorcycle rally. FACT: Uh huh. The exit poll consensus seems to be a bit less glowing. What we hear is that most attendees say it was NOT worth the money. Pretty much like everything at LOR these days.

Updated 10/14/17: Rumor: There was a big crowd for Labor Day weeked. FACT: To be generous, calling that crowd big is a little disengenuous, even allowing for a lot of ambiguity. It sucked, by just about any previous Labor Day weekend standard. Yeah, it must have been entirely because of Harvey. Gotta love the LOR optimism, or BS.

Updated 09/14/17: Rumor: Everything at LOR is great. FACT: Those attending the bike rally, as well as everyone else, might want to be very cautious about drinking the water at Live Oak Resort. According the the latest TCEQ water report, every single sample taken recently at LOR showed the presence of coliform bacteria. Yessir, it's good to the last drop.

Updated 09/14/17: Rumor: Larry has just raised (doubled) the event rate for the bike rally. FACT: In his Quixotic quest to demonstrate that he is the stupidist business owner anywhere, Larry raised the rally rate to $100.00 per person on Thursday, the first day of the rally. Once again, Larry just lowered the bar to previously uncharted depths of dumb. Here's hoping that the bikers who do attend all have chains on their wallets to keep from getting their pockets picked even worse.

Updated 09/12/17: Rumor: LOR's 2017 bike rally will be bigger and better than ever. FACT: It would be hard pressed to be any worse than the past six or eight years, so perhaps there could be some truth to this one. What is a certainty is that Larry will do his best to screw it up by trying to wring every penny he can from vendors, participants, and members. Beware of the 50/50 fund raiser Larry just loves. Sometimes, the numbers for monies raised are quite odd. Odd like the mandated electrical refund accounting.

Updated 08/07/17: Rumor: LOR's RenFest was a huge success. FACT: Not so much. From what we hear, RenFest was a complete dud. Vacant cabins and a mere 10 RVs does not make a success, no matter how the office tries to spin things and rewrite the facts. Even with all the added acts and sideshows, people still aren't willing to pay the price LOR charges for 'special' events. As 'Momma' always liked to say, "even the Gold members don't support us". Newsflash Jen: Gold Members still aren't inclined to support you when you give them nothing in return. Next LOR "dog and pony show" is the Bike Rally. Someone must be getting nervous, given the sudden surge in promotional effort.

Updated 08/01/17: Rumor: We hear talk of some possible property boundary problems at LOR . FACT: Given Larry's impeccable reputation for honesty, we can't imagine that he would knowingly infringe on someone else's property. Surely not? (end sarcasm) We'll have to see how it all unfolds.

Updated 08/01/17: Rumor: The Fourth of July weekend is past, and a reasonably good crowd was at LOR. FACT: The 4th used to be a really big deal at LOR, but these days any crowd is only because the fireworks are the ONLY thing anyone will ever get from LOR for free. We have to wonder if anyone noticed the 'eau de Live Oak' . Perhaps the new people didn't know what it was, and why it happens. Larry sure hopes so.

Updated 05/25/17: Rumor: Larry's Facebook page says that he formerly "worked at LOR". FACT: That's interesting, especially coming from the egomaniac who couldn't wait to tell people that he owned LOR. Inquiring minds are curious about the sudden change in his position. He also 'retired' four years ago, according to testimony given before the SOA in Austin. Wonder if he's up to his old tricks again... and why?

Updated 05/25/17: Rumor: Management promised (in 2014) to spend $30,000 per year on paving roads. FACT: 2015 AND 2016 passed without any improvement of the roads at LOR and Larry couldn't even manage to repair the damage to the roads from flooding. The reality is that LOR promises are cheap and frequent. Now, LOR is suddenly paving at least a small portion of it's roads. Is that a day late and a dollar short, or what? Further, it certainly raises a few questions about why and who is actually responsible for this small improvement.

Updated 05/25/17: Rumor: Memorial Day weekend is here, and LOR expects a capacity crowd.  FACT: Wanna bet on that? We're sure there will be some folks there, but it will be far from the crowds of days past. Just as Larry intended? Yup, he's truly a genius. Just ask him.

Updated 05/25/17: Rumor: LOR is a great entertainment buy.  FACT: Uh huh, if you consider it recently cost (a couple) more than $700.00 for three days to be a buy. That might be a bit of a stretch for many people, but that's the 'NEW' Live Oak Resort.

Updated 05/01/17: Rumor: Another music festival came and went. FACT: As is always the case, it will be heralded by management as the 'best' ever. Yawn. As always, that's subjective, and totally dependent on your perspective.

Updated 05/01/17: Rumor: Suddenly, cameras, cameras everywhere. FACT: Larry doesn't believe anyone else needs cameras, but he sure likes to use them. Now there are cameras in Club Larry, to keep an eye on everyone. We sure hope they aren't connected to LOweR's network in any way, or those Kodak moments could find their way onto the Internet. Smile, you're on candid camera? Everyone supposedly has fifteen minutes of fame; It could be yours.

Updated 04/19/17: Rumor: Larry, Tiffany, and the staff at LOR wonder where everyone has gone. FACT: Are you twits kidding? That's one of the dumbest questions ever. Given the cataclysm of stupid things born within the LOR office, that's saying a lot. That they could even ask something so stupid is indicitive of just how far removed from reality they are. Here's a hint: YOU RAN THEM OFF BY BEING DUMBASSES.

Updated 04/19/17: Rumor: Larry gave away $1000 in one dollar coins for the Easter egg hunt. FACT: You can't even get a crowd to show up by paying them. Both funny and pathetic, simultaneously.

Updated 03/14/17: Rumor: LOR has a brand new website. FACT: A new look perhaps, but the photos are certainly dated. There are many photos that are four or more years old, including ones showing former members that have been gone for years. The site suggests "Come enjoy a day, a week, or a lifetime at LOR". It would be good to add the warning "Or until Larry decides he wants to do another of the 'purges' for which he's well known. You know, "getting rid of the riff-raff", which means anyone not currently kissing his ass. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Updated 03/14/17: Rumor: Larry is probably telling people that LOR is just where he wants it to be. FACT: All sociopaths say things like that, in spite of the obvious reality. They simply lack the ability to admit they're wrong, no matter what they have done.

Updated 03/14/17: Rumor: The exodus continues. FACT: Another mobile home has been pulled from the hill, leaving five vacant lots in that section. The village is empty as well, with twenty one vacant lots, several more with temporary rvs in them, and at least five additional lots for sale. All told, there are twenty six vacant lots, a half-dozen or so more for sale, and more that would be for sale were there even the slightest prospect of any buyers.

Updated 03/14/17: Rumor: Live Oak Resort is like Detroit. Both are terminal. FACT: That appears to be the case. Live Oak should be renamed Dead Oak Resort, and not just because of the huge number of dead trees on the property. As one LOR member put it, "While other similar businesses in the area are thriving, LOR is dying. I say good riddance".

Updated 02/20/17: Rumor: We had someone at Volusia Spreedway in Florida in late February, looking for Larry. FACT: Unfortunately, there were large crowds and they were unable to locate him. We had hoped they would be able to deliver a personal message from us. Perhaps another time.

Updated 02/13/17: Rumor: Things are going so good at LOR that His Majesty Larry and his blushing bride took another month vacation in Florida. FACT: Yes, that was the case. Thank God they didn't stop by to visit.

Updated 02/13/17: Rumor: Sometimes, LOR truth is far stranger than fiction. FACT: From the dumb and dumber files comes a new chapter in Larry stupid. He's trying to find 'cheap' mobile homes that he can buy and move up on the hill. Why would be anyone's guess, but he's probably deluded himself into thinking that he can somehow hide the fact that the hill is looking pretty bleak these days. Prospects aren't looking any better with additional move-outs expected soon.

Updated 02/13/17: Rumor: An unnamed Facebook group wanted to organize a weekend at LOR. FACT: It didn't work out well, as almost all of the members flatly rejected the idea. There were many negative comments, including that Larry is crazy, and that LOR is dead. Insightful.

Updated 02/13/17: Rumor: The just concluded Valentine's weekend at LOR was a raging success. FACT: Such a success that there were a handful of cabins rented and five RVs present. Just simply a WOW weekend, according to the few remaining faithful.

Updated 02/13/17: Rumor: In an effort to disguise the reality, Larry is putting snowbirds into vacant lots in the village. FACT: Why would this come as a surprise? LOR has long been nothing more than fakery and charade. This is just more of the same old dog and pony show. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tons of empty lots, pitiful attendance, and another vacation in Florida. Keep up the good work Larry.

Updated 01/01/17: Rumor: 2016 was the best year yet at Live Oak Resort. FACT: Another year is in the books, and LOR is still in a downward spiral. At this point, it appears to be a death spiral. Other resorts were sold out for the New Year's celebration, while LOR was a virtual ghost town. Sending out five free one day passes with every member's monthly bill is far from a solution. Asking your members to solve your problems by promoting a dead horse is a pipe dream. In fact, it's pathetic. It's just another half-assed attempt at trying to whitewash the real problem, which is that people have had enough of you, Larry.

Recapping 2016: The second half of the year really began to show how bad things are at LOR.
Survivor Weekend sucked.
The Bike Rally was a complete flop.
The Halloween party was even worse, compared to what it used to be.
The Christmas party attendance was very low.
Finally, the New Year's Eve 2016 party was a total bust.

The New Year's Eve event certainly put an exclamation mark on a year of major decline at Live Oak Resort. The only remaining question seems to be "just how low can the numbers go"? It seems that the answer is "right to the bottom". 2017 should be interesting.

Updated 01/01/17: Rumor: Live Oak is just wonderful, according to the few remaining faithful. FACT: Not so much, based on  comments that have been posted on social media. Some of the critical comments even came from LOR 'faithful', including Wesley C, and others. Here are just a few eamples:

  • "Larry seems to be doing everything he can to ruin the place."
  • "That was the smallest turnout for Survivor I have ever seen!"
  • "I now see what some people were saying. I just can't understand some of the changes. It seems as if Larry is trying to run people off."   
  • "Yes the water does smell bad and we smelled the sewage."
  • "The RV spots, the power boxes need lots of work, the RV spots are way to narrow for today's RV's with slides on both sides."
  • "I went to dump the sewage and it started backing up my portable line. It didn't turn out well!"
  • "We went to the bath house and the water coming out of the faucet smelled bad. Same thing for our trailer..."
  • "It's hard to overcome the new hostile atmosphere Larry has created!"
  • "With the cost up, and no restaurant, It's hard to wrap your arms around it."
  • "So sick of Larry and his bullshit."
  • "The plug (in) was bad burnt up our 2 a/c's microwave and the invertor over 2 thousand dollars damage. No one said anything about helping with the cost of repairs."

Updated 01/01/17: Rumor: Larry is going to hire someone to advise him on rates and help with marketing. FACT: If this is true, it's proof of just how desperate things have become at LOR. It would also be a complete waste of money, because Larry doesn't listen to anyone other than the little voices in his own head. He thinks that he knows everything, and that means that everyone else is just stupid. Ask him and he'll tell you "I've been doing this for more than 25 years, and I know what I'm doing". That's putting both feet in one shoe when it comes to stupid. Here's a newsflash, you're an idiot, and you've run your ship aground. You were, and still are, dead WRONG. Grow a pair and admit that to anyone who will listen and there might still be a very slim chance that LOR could survive.

Updated 12/11/16: Rumor: There has been a sale on the 'Hill' at LOR. FACT: The Washington County tax records tell an interesting story about lot #113, and the mobile home on it, which recently changed hands. Looks like Robama's super secret buyer came out of the closet. We wonder if Larry will try to homestead the new place, like he did the Miller House? All Robama's cheer leading was for naught, it appears. Larry rewards everyone equally. Badly!

Updated 10/04/16: Rumor: The annual LOR Bike Rally wasn't exactly a raging success. FACT: The latest of Larry's bizarre economic solutions to declining LOR attendance was to announce that the admission to next years rally will be increased by $50.00. Larry logic is a strange thing, indeed. If your business is in the toilet, just raise the prices. You would think that he might one day figure out that this economic plan is doomed to failure. Then again, FAILURE is the one thing at which Larry has always been a complete success.

Updated 09/30/16: Rumor: In the latest LOR memo (available only at the office), Larry says that he is going to freeze rates at LOR, effective January 1, 2017. FACT: The truth is absolutely more strange than any fiction we could create when it comes to LOR and Larry. The only economics involved are those that show that LOR's business has completely tanked, and the sheer desperation that has finally begun to set in. Notwithstanding the fact that January 1, 2017 conveniently assures Larry that all leases will have thus incurred the 2016 increase, this will do nothing whatsoever to stem the membership and lot holder hemorages at LOR. Likewise, it will have no effect at all on the now almost totally absent casual traffic. In the end, this is just another brain fart from the same genius who hatched the 'Five Year Plan'.

Updated 07/23/16: Rumor: The latest story from the front office is that LOR is trying to run off the old people, in favor of younger ones with more disposable income. FACT: This is just another technicolor yawn (vomit) by LOR management. Were it true, it would be age discrimination. The reality is that LOR has tenants who can't afford to be there (fixed income or otherwise), but are so locked in they have no option but to stay, until the bitter end. Most tenants with plenty of disposable income left long ago.

Updated 08/16/16: Rumor: LOR sewage problems have resurfaced. FACT:  Did anyone ever doubt they would? According to reports from people who were at LOR over the Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July weekend, there was raw sewage on the ground in the temporary RV area, and a strong 'eau de Live Oak Resort' aroma as well. It sounds like the TCEQ is aware too.

Updated 08/29/16: Rumor: Finances are hunky-dory at LOR. FACT: It's both amusing and amazing that Larry couldn't manage to pay the 2015 property taxes (more than $9000.00 remained unpaid) until mid-August 2016, after penalties, interest, and legal costs accrued, or repair the roads at LOR. Yet Larry managed to figure a way to get another brand new Cadillac SUV. His priorities appear to be very clear.

Updated 05/11/16: Rumor: LOR improvements are ongoing. FACT: Wow, there are a set of new gates. Meanwhile the infrastructure continues in disarray and steady decline. Lipstick.... Pig.

Updated 07/15/16: Rumor: The Full Moon Cafe at LOR is open again. FACT: Indeed it is. The burning question is who will frequent the facility, given the current lack of attendance at Dead Oak? We're sure Larry will tell everyone that they have tons of business, just as he did in the past. If his lips are moving........

Updated 03/05/16: Rumor: Larry missed the Daytona 500 on his trip to Florida this year. FACT: Larry apparently decided that he couldn't afford to go to the race this year, as the cost had increased by 50%. Good God, is that hypocritical or what? Larry obviously thinks it's fine for him to do that to his customers, repeatedly, but he doesn't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. 'Nuff said.

Updated 10/01/16: Rumor: Everything is fine at LOR. Larry claims that he's been responsible for at least half a dozen nudist resorts springing up over the years, but only LOR is successful. All the others are just wannabes. Just ask Larry. FACT: Another beautiful weekend (10/01/16), with the kind of weather that brings people out to enjoy the sun and to work on their tans. Once again, there was virtully no one there. Larry's efforts seem to be really paying off. Attaboy, numnuts.

Updated 01/30/16: Rumor: Larry claims that LOR is exactly where he wants it to be. FACT: If abysmal attendance, vacant and abandoned lots, declining membership, general discord, an infrastructure in collapse, and business in a death spiral were the desired goals, they have indeed been achieved. Such lofty goals are easily attained, especially by one so megalomanical as to view this as an achievement. Just like the CEO who wrecks the company and still gets his golden parachute, Larry rewarded himself with a 30 day vacation in Florida. We hope he enjoys his delusions of success and that he will be justly rewarded.

Updated 04/13/16: Rumor: Larry needs more money. FACT: Larry ALWAYS needs more money, because he always spends more than he has. His entire financial plan is based upon dreamed of future revenues, and always has been. In the words of a wonderful lady who knew him better than anyone else, "he's failed at everything he's ever done".

Attendance at Live Oak Resort is in the toilet. That translates to declining revenue, even with the huge price increases imposed by Larry. Take this to the bank; Larry is hurting for cash, and everyone knows what happens when he needs more money. He certainly can't cut back on facilities, services, or maintenance any further, so the only question is how will he try to wring more money out of the ever diminishing number of members?

Will the 'maintenance fee' suddenly appear again, in spite of promises that it was included in the exorbitant increases across the board?

Will there be some other kind of new fee, necessitated by the actions of the TCEQ? Perhaps a sewer or water fee to cover the fines, or a surcharge to pay for the repairs that still haven't been done?

Will the 'administrative overhead service fee' return, to recover the astronomical costs of preparing your monthly invoices?

Perhaps a trash or golf cart fee?
We know Larry can dream up something.

Not to mention the recent change in the reservation cancellation policy, from three to seven days. There must be a huge crush of folks wanting reservations. (end sarcasm)

Maybe something even more creative from the collective management genius of LOR? 
Perhaps some sneaky legal tactic?

Whatever it is, something is coming to replace revenue lost due to the brilliant 'five year plan'. After all, they deserve the money, to maintain the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed. That translates to "I'm going to screw eveyone".

Updated 03/21/16: Rumor: The remaining LOR members are now being targeted by Larry. FACT: It seems so. What's Larry's is Larry's and what's yours is his too, according to Larry. Even worse, Larry seems to now have psychic powers, and will know if you have heard or even thought of the new PP Resort. His acute megalomania just continues to worsen.

Updated 01/07/16: Rumor: Reports are that the New Year's party at LOR was a complete bust. FACT: This seems to be supported by everyone we've heard from. In spite of LOR making phone calls and sending emails to just about anyone they could thing of, begging them to attend, it was a tiny crowd, by any standard. Nicely done Larry, Jennifer, and Tiffany. Keep up the good work.

Updated 12/11/15: Rumor: LoLOG is a bunch of bitter losers and LOR is now in compliance with all State regulations. FACT: Several of the silliest things we've heard in a long time have been posted on Facebook by people who seem to be completely oblivious to the facts. One person stated that LoLOG was just a bunch of bitter losers. Another claimed that Live Oak Resort was in full compliance with State regulations.

Yet another of the blind faithful posted that the 2015 LOR Christmas Party was a huge success, with a 'full house'. That individual obviously never attended a LOR Christmas Party only a few years ago, when a crowd of 55 would have been less than a third of a full house. Some people will apparently believe rabbit droppings are cavier if told they are, in spite of what they see or taste.

All of the authors certainly demonstrated that they suffer from challenged perspectives. It comes as a relief that human anatomy prevents most people from getting their heads into a position that would conceivably afford a similar view.

Rather than being sore, the reality is that we are disappointed.

Our disappointment pales, however, by the nearly incomprehensible realization that an LOR resident could be so obtuse that they would publicly proclaim their belief that Live Oak Resort is currently in compliance with State water and sewer regulations.

Rumor: LoLOG is just propaganda, not facts. FACT: Management continues to try to convince people that this is the case, but it simply is not. Opinions are expressed here, and are clearly labeled as such. The facts presented about LOR's policies of disregarding rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to the operation of such a facility are absolutely factual, and can be verified by just clicking on the various links to State of Texas websites and databases. Ignorance of the truth is curable, but stupidity is a different matter. Blindly accepting LOR management's claims that none of this is true is not simple ignorance.

Updated 12/08/15: Rumor: LOR is winning the regulatory battle. FACT: The regulatory system is absolutely amazing, to say the least. The PUC fought us at every turn, yet we prevailed. The PUC then took NO further action against LOR for failure to obey the orders of the Commission. As he always does, Larry simply ignored ALL regulatory orders, even after he signed them and explicitly agreed to comply with the requirements of the orders. That may have gone unnoticed in the past, but that was before LoLOG. As one of the cartoons posted here said, we are the boot in Larry's ass. The water and sewer problems at LOR ARE going to be resolved. We guarantee it. It's anyone's guess as to how many more fines and court actions will it take to make Larry pay attention, or if he will he just persist in being dumb until Live Oak Resort ends up insolvent.

Rumor: Management has turned over a new leaf, and is now claiming appreciation to those still patronizing LOR. FACT: (See immediately above.) In spite of the 'happy faces' charade, nothing has changed; only the acting, which is woefully bad and pathetically transparent. Management has NOT been born again, but may have finally realized that they have stepped into some deep doo, just as in 2001-2002. As was the case then, management is now going to try to glad-hand, BS, and cajole their way out of the mess they have created. It's far too little, far too late, as this time it's not just a few disgruntled members.

Rumor: Increases in prices are due to rising costs and improvements. FACT: Costs and improvements for what, the race engine shop? The only reason there were not increases in January 2014 is because of LoLOG. Every LOR infrastructure review yields the same result: "I want more of your money, because I can". No increase has EVER produced any substantive improvement at LOR, or even maintainence of the existing infrastructure. The latest increases will not either. What will lot owners get in return for the additional money? Absolutely nothing. So why should there be an increase? Because management's greed knows no bounds, and member's apathy continues to let it happen. Eight years have passed, numerous rent and fees increases were added, yet in spite of all the LOR announcements and promises the social hall was still not partially completed until mid-summer 2016. Still, management expects everyone to pay, in advance, for more fantasy improvements. Is the Kool-aid so good that people still believe the crap they're hearing?

Updated 03/15/17: Rumor: Management promised (in 2014) to spend $30,000 per year on paving roads. FACT: 2015 AND 2016 passed without any improvement of the roads at LOR and now, in late-2016, Larry still can't even manage to repair the damage to the roads from flooding. The reality is that LOR promises are cheap and frequent. The common thread is that they are NEVER kept.

Updated 01/09/16Rumor: Larry has paid all refunds due under the PUC orders.  FACT: It seems everyone BUT the PUC knows Larry is a liar. He weaseled his way into an agreement with the PUC that gave him until January 1, 2016 to complete payment of all mandated refunds. He was also required file a full accounting of the payments by that date, and has filed something, but nothing that supports the numbers claimed. We already KNOW that the refunds have not been made according to the PUC order, and that the amounts paid are incorrect in many cases. Larry simply cannot help himself, it seems, nor has the PUC opened their eyes and realized that, no matter the date, Larry will NOT comply with ANY settlement or agreed order.

The LOR village idiot commented on the PUC mandated refunds. (Please excuse the afront to intelligence of his complete lack of even the most basic grammatical skills, but we felt it would be unfair to edit his statement.)
"Oh yes i forgot to tell you you are not getting on red cent what you gonna do if The King decides he just isn't going to give you sh*t get it the best way you can hahahahaha." To paraphrase the old public service ad on television, "This is your brain on drugs"
. You really should try to cut back on the pot.

Updated 11/15/15: Rumor: The TCEQ water case was won; LOR has done nothing wrong. FACT:  The TCEQ penalty has been confirmed at $17,630.00. For doing nothing wrong? LOR was found GUILTY of the violations alleged. Is that a win for LoLOG? It can't be viewed as anything less; the water system at LOR was terrible, and nothing was being done about it. It has slightly improved, but had to improve much more under terms of the Agreed Order. The TCEQ has confirmed that LOR has not complied with the Agreed Order. There has been some activity, even a new above ground water storage tank. A tank that is still not part of the water system. The same tank that was mandated by the TCEQ and Larry agreed to have installed more than a year ago.

Updated 01/29/16: Rumor: LOR has won the TCEQ sewer case. FACT:  Um, wrong again. Larry agreed to pay $45,000 in fines and must cease all sewage discharges, along with other substantial requirements that must be met under terms of the Agreed Order. He did NOT, and the TCEQ definitely noticed. While there may not have been anyone at Live Oak Resort to notice, there have been a lot of boots on the ground lately. They are State inspectors and investigators, walking all around LOR and taking notes about the facility. Sooner or later, it's going to get nasty for LOR, and we'll help all we can.

Updated 09/30/16: Rumor: LOR is VERY secure. FACT: There have been thefts, assaults, verbal confrontations, and instances of vandalism. In the past, at least some of this activity has been the doing of LOR residents. If not actively encouraging such behavior in some cases, management has shown little inclination to do anything about it. In fact, it's so secure that LOR felt the need to install a half-dozen or more new cameras at the office and front gate. Those same front gates that have now been left standing wide open for three weeks. The claim is that a lightening strike is responsible, but it doesn't take three weeks to effect repairs.  This isn't the first time the gates have open for weeks and weeks, by the way. Regardless, according to management, lot owners still do NOT have a right to try to secure what is theirs, even though management has installed ten new cameras for their own security. The next time management tells you how safe it is at LOR, realize that there is much more to the story than they're telling you.

Updated 01/29/16: Rumor: Management is claiming that the sewer problems have been resolved.  FACT:  Sure they have (NOT). LOR signed an argreed order with the TCEQ on the sewer violations. The deadline was when the TCEQ order was formally signed on June 3rd. Under the terms of the Agreed Order, LOR had to have ceased all sewage discharge by that time. Not one thing has been done to resolve the cause of the discharges since Larry signed the order eight months ago. After the August 3rd inspection, the TCEQ knew this to be a fact. LOR has violated the terms of the order, which clearly stated that failure to fully comply with the order could result in action by the Texas Attorney General. What inspectors found was exactly what we said they would. Not only did Live Oak Resort fail to comply with the Agreed Order Larry signed, but a new source of sewage discharge was documented. Once more, WELL DONE LARRY.

Updated 01/29/16: Rumor: All sewer repairs at LOR have been completed. FACT: Larry, just trying to hide the problems is not the same thing as installing a new sewer system. Moving rocks around, piling dirt on the leaks, and building a bulkhead does not address the problems at all. You just can't stop yourself from trying to hide the truth, or lying to State regulators about fictional 'improvements', can you Larry? You should have sent the TCEQ the proof of your claimed sewer system solutions they demanded from you. Oh, but you didn't actually 'fix' anything, did you? Just some more cheap lipstick on an increasingly ugly pig. In truth, this was just another example of "if his lips are moving, Larry is lying".

Updated 07/23/16: Rumor: Troublemakers want to 'break' LOR so they can buy it.  FACT: No one needs to help break LOR: Larry is doing a magnificient job by himself. We had sincerely hoped someone would buy LOR that actually wanted to do something with it. We didn't care who. At this point, we suspect no sane person would even consider buying LOR, leaving only new scammers/crooks as potential buyers. The real question is whether the liabilities now exceed any marketable value.

Updated 10/01/16: Rumor: LOR management suggests that LoLOG's motive is to extract a 'pound of flesh'. FACT:  The 'flesh' is completely rancid, so that claim is without merit. Legal costs and fines resulting from these cases could have, and should have, been better spent correcting these KNOWN problems at LOR. In addition, all the money that has been spent on trying to hide the source of the problems would have gone a long way toward actually fixing them. A megalomaniac prevented any of that from happening, so we have no sympathy whatsoever. We are going to continue doing all we can to see that the fines and penalties just keep adding up, until the problems are fixed, OR........

Updated 10/01/16: Rumor: Values at LOR have plummeted because of this group. FACT: Property values have been in decline for several years. The drastic drop in values is due to LOR policies. Recent sales show that values have indeed plummeted, as the Five Year Plan continues. How low can it go? In the past year, lots have sold for less than 10% of their 'pre-five year plan' prices. MANY have simply been abandoned. The truth is that Larry is using your losses to help him get new tenants. His ONLY concern is that someone is still paying him rent and membership fees. It certainly appears to be part of the new plan to get owners to abandon lots, because it makes new tenants think they're getting a better deal. Even by the low standards associated with Larry, that's just scummy.

Updated 08/29/16: Rumor: Most of the For Sale signs at LOR are only a protest. FACT: There are so many of them, making the selection vast. There are more empty lots every month, as more and more people just pull the plug and move out. While a few lots continue to change hands, the sale prices fall well below 'fire sale' numbers. The last time this many lots were for sale was in 2001. That did not turn out well for LOR, but Larry was never good at history lessons. More than 20 lots have been abandoned and remain vacant, and no matter what LOR claims, that number is growing, as even more rv site holders have stated their intention to abandon their lots in the future. As of this date, with huge numbers of empty lots, the five year plan just keeps reaching new lows.  In fact, the Five Year Plan is a huge success..... if emptying the resort was the goal.

Updated 09/16/16: Rumor: Some lot holders have demolished their improvements, rather than allow LOR to benefit from abandonment. FACT: Demolition of improvments on several lots has taken place. The first mobile home was removed from "the Hill" at Live Oak Resort in February 2015, and another in October 2015. Yet another was removed on March 30, 2016. It will be nearly impossible for LOR to get anyone to move a mobile home into the park given the current situation. Two more mobile homes have been removed since Fall 2016.

Updated 08/29/16: Rumor: Special 'deals' are being offered by LOR to keep revenue coming in. FACT: It now appears to have come full circle, from waiting lists for lots to outright begging for tenants. In the last crash at LOR, in 2001-2002, anyone willing to move onto a lot and pay rent was welcomed with open arms, just to generate cash flow. Add to this that it sounds like Larry is cutting 'special' deals to certain long time lot holders. Even so, empty lots remain and the numbers are growing. It seems LOR history does repeat itself. Mistakes can be fixed by learning from them, but Larry doesn't seem to benefit from experience.

Updated 08/29/16: Rumor: A new clubhouse is coming. FACT: While this had been promised for eight years, the club house/social hall has finally been nearly finished. In 2013, management promised that the social hall would be completed by January 2014. In the summer of 2014, management promised that it would be done by January 2015. It appears that what "done" means is "closed in". In other words, walls and a roof. Without heating or air conditioning, it was unusably hot in the summer and colder than a well digger's butt in winter. Larry finally installed the A/C in August 2016. NICE JOB. (The new engine shop and it's equipment was completed much more quickly, however.) How many lies will people listen to before they quit believing?

LOR members paid for a social hall since the former one was converted to another purpose in 2008.

The purpose of this site is to provide facts, even if some don't like them, or chose to ignore them. If anyone feels the information presented here is not factual, we encourage their comments. If you acknowledge that what is presented here is factual, but you don't like hearing those facts, that's not our problem.

The TCEQ sewer report is here. It confirms what was already known. There are some simply amazing statements from management contained within.  Read it here

The TCEQ water report is also available.  We had no choice other than to place it here as a PDF, due to the sheer size. Click here to read the full report: TCEQ.pdf
Please feel free to send comments to: comments@lolog.net What you have to say will be read. 

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